Dragonborne rogue, whose background is largely shrouded in mystery.



22 HP

15 AC (Standard Leather Armor)



Shortsword (Primary Weapon)

Shuriken (10)

Dagger x2

Hand Crossbow 




A dragonborne rogue, something not commonly seen. Little is known about this figure by his current companions, as he joined the group shortly before their departure to Winterhaven. His demeanor is guarded, especially in regard to his background; his full intentions for coming on the current campaign are unknown.


Vermillion does what he loves. He takes joy from springing open a lock, sinking his knife into a kidney, or putting the moves on a local barmaid. His favorite meal is a thick, juicy steak, washed down with cheap ale. He has been known to burst out mantras in the heat of battle praising Ragnos, the fire god he worships.  


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